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4941 - Transporturi rutiere de marfuri


Istratecom Tistratecom Transport International de Marfa.

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SC ISTRATE COM SRL is a society founded in 1998 with limited liability, with romanian capital, totaly private. The firm has as lines intern and international cargo transport, logistics, storage, distribution, with own trucks, and with subrented ones. In 1998 the firm started his activity with one truck of 3 tons, getting in 2008 at 30 cars, with useful load between 3 and 22 tons.Also, the firm benefits of aprox 6000 square meters, area that includes the garage, mechanical repair shop and cargo department sore.
Starting with year 2002, an Expedition Home was founded for consolidating the firm's position on the International Cargo Transporters. Intern and International Transport Our society transports international general cargo, ADR cargo and ready made clothes on coat hanger in England, Italy, France, Germany, Nederland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Cehia, Poland.
The strong points of our firm are: -quick respons to our cusomers demandings; -respecting the loading an unloading hours of the cargo; -efficient monitorization of the transport; -safety of the transport; -eunsuring of the cars(damage, CMR, green card); -GSM equiped cars; -maximum safety conditions and fast transport; -any of your demandings will be quick and with atention solved; -the cargos are taken and delivered in concordance with the taerms established by you; -flexibility and quick reaction; -ernestness, promptitude, safety. The satisfaction of our costumers and employees is our's firm main goal! FLEET OF CARS Semitrailers with baffle cloth Number of units:8 Structural features:22t, 94m3 Utility:general cargos, ADR cargos Vans for ready made clothes on coat hanger Number of units:8 Structural features:20t, 94m3 Utility: ready made clothes on coat hanger Megatrailers Number of units:8 Structural features:20 tons, 13.62 m long, 2.48 m wide, 3 m height, 101 m3 Utility: general cargos, ADR cargos Technical Vans Number of units:6 Structural features:3- 3.5 tons Utility: general cargos, ADR cargos.
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Transport marfa, Transport international de marfa
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